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(CEADEN) Technological Applications and Nuclear Development Center

It is a full-cycle scientific-technical complex, which carries out different activities including investigation and technological innovation, production and rendering specialized scientific-technical services. It is ascribed to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and to the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency of Cubay (AEN & TA). It also forms part of the Western Scientific Pole of Havana.

(IDICT) Institute of Scientific and Technological Information

The Institute offers products and services related to scientific-technical information, professional development and integral consultancies as support to innovation and knowledge management, oriented to fulfill the needs of the actors in the Science and Technological Innovation System.

(IES) Institute of Ecology and Systematics

Expands knowledge on biodiversity by means of integral systematic and ecological studies, thus propitiating its conservation and sustainable use in natural and replacement ecosystems. National Center of Biodiversity CeNBio.

(IGT) Institute of Tropical Geography

Produces geographical, environmental and geomatic solutions and knowledge, with emphasis on environmental ordering and the display of Space Data Infrastructures.

(CNSN) National Center for Nuclear Safety

Regulates, supervises and controls, on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, all issues related to safety in the execution of practices associated to the use of nuclear energy and the application of ionizing radiations.

(CICA) Inspection and Environmental Control Center

CICA controls the fulfillment of the orders that regulate the environment protection and the rational use of natural resources. It proposes the normative and technical dispositions that contribute to the completion and perfectness of the standards regulating the environment protection and the rational use of natural resources. It carries out the Environmental Impact Evaluations and authorizes and enables the executor institutions. Organizes, guides and executes, The Governmental Environmental Inspection, as well as adopts the measures that correspond to each case controlling its further fulfillment. CICA grants, renews, modifies, suspends, and cancels, as corresponding, the licenses that, in the area of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, are a responsibility of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

(IGA) Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy

Executes and coordinates investigations and quality services of geophysical, astronomical and geologic-environmental character interesting for the socio-economic, scientific and cultural development of the country.

(CPHR) Radiations Protection and Hygiene Center

Ascribed to the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency (AENTA) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) has s its social objective “ develop the scientific-technical base of radiologic protection and safety, guaranteeing that peaceful applications of nuclear techniques are developed in harmony with the workers health protection policy, the population and the environment, in agreement with the scientific-technical developments and the international recommendations for this field”.

(INSMET) Institute of Meteorology

Supplies authorized, reliable and appropriate meteorological and climatic information on the future behavior of the atmosphere.

(CNAP) National Protected Areas Center

It is the main center in the Integral management of the Protected Areas National System, guaranteeing its guidance, control and optimum performance.

(INSTEC) Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences

It is a Higher Education institution for the formation of integral professionals and talent fomentation, sustained on a quality assurance platform.

(ICIMAR) Institute of Marine Sciences

Performs research aimed at developing the scientific basis for the knowledge, management, conservation, sustainable use and rehabilitation of natural resources and processes of the marine and coastal zone, as well as the commercialization of services and oceanographic products, biological and biomedical and industrial applications for the solution to environmental, social and economic problems.

(CENAIS) National Center for Seismological Research

National Center for Seismological Research (CENAIS). Government organization created with the objective of contributing to the mitigation of seismic risk in the Republic of Cuba, through the realization of fundamental and applied seismological investigations and the monitoring of seismic activity in the national territory. It was recognized as one of the Auspice Centers of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, in Santiago de Cuba

(CISAT) Center for Environmental and Technological Research and Services of Holguín

It is dedicated to generating, and executing and / or transferring knowledge and technologies according to the demands of the sustainable development of the territory, through Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Services and Scientific and Technical Products.

(CSAM) Environmental Services Center of Matanzas

Entity of Science and Technological Innovation of Matanzas specialized in scientific-technological services and R + D + I projects that elevate the environmental performance and the quality of the ecosystems.

CIGET of Cienfuegos

Center for Information and Technology Management of Cienfuegos, Contribute to the development of organizations and people by strengthening their management of innovation and knowledge through scientific-technological information services, professional development and comprehensive consultancies.

(BIOECO) Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Carry out specialized and interdisciplinary studies mainly in Cuba, that contribute to define and characterize the areas of greatest interest and importance for biodiversity, as well as establish ways and methods for their conservation, rational use, ecological improvement and sustainable cultural, economic and social development .

(CESAMVC) The Center for Environmental Studies and Services of Villa Clara

It contributes to the sustainable socio-economic development of the territory through research, consultancy and integrated management in the environmental sphere. It has competent specialists who respond with creative and innovative actions to the expectations of the clients


Environmental Studies Center of Cienfuegos (CEAC)

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Coastal Ecosystems Investigations Center (CIEC)

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Environmental and Technological Management Center of the Isla de la Juventud (CGSAT)
Environmental Services Center of Sancti Spíritus (CSA-SS)


Environmental Engineering Center of Camagüey (CIAC)

E-Mail:   Web:                              

Environmental Investigations Center of Camagüey (CIMAC)


Investigation and Environmental Services Center (ECOVIDA)

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