Miércoles, 6 de Mayo del 2015    Año 54 de la Revolución
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About Us

Inversiones GAMMA S.A., a Cuban trading company, founded on July 8th, 1988. Registered office at 308, 14th  street bet / 3rd and 5th Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba.



Commercialize integrated services and technology, from science, technology and environment, in order to guarantee our customers, in Cuba and abroad, a sustainable development.


Corporate Purpose:

  • Provide solution services and integral technologies with high added value on environment,quality, risk assessments and vulnerability, environmental technology risk, maintenance technologies, waste treatment and health.
  • Wholesale commercialization of products and services from the scientific, technological and environmental tasks.
  • Organize and develop courses and events on issues related to the activity.


To fulfill our mission, Gamma has specialists trained to provide quality services and high added value.

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